What is the limit of a pneumatic conveying system in a flour mill ? Answering this question, gives the physical limits of the system. It is like asking the nature to give it’s best in energy efficiency, taking from the nature the maximum available energy efficiency.

Inovation in Engineering is the key for progress. Tecnocereal srl is continuously involved in developing new desings for Cereals Processing plants. Single machines or a whole complete plant, the question for the client remains the same: is my plant best designed ?

We developed our newest concept, Smart Milling, focused on the:

– reduction of the total amount of investment
– best energy balance, i.e. lowest specific energy consumption
– highest extraction level
– best flour quality
– minimum operators required
– easy and quick maintenance access to any part of the plant

The concept of Smart Milling is best defined by the newest Smart Compact Milling system that reaches the best of the above mentions.

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