1. Complete Engineering and Designing for Cereals and Derived Products Processing Plants, including:

1.1. General Lay-Out of the Plant
1.2. Detailed Designing for Processing Diagrams
1.3. Calculation and Sizing of the Pneumatic Conveying Systems
1.4. Calculation and Designing of the Aspiration Systems
1.5. Details of Machines Positioning and Floor Openings
1.6. Details of Floor Loadings
1.7. Complete Erection and Start Up of the Plant
1.8. Operator’s Training

2. Complete or Partial Plant Delivery for:

2.1. Silos – Metalic Silos for Cereals Storage
2.2. Precleaning and Seed Preparing Plants
2.3. Dryers
2.4. Wheat Flour Mills
2.5. Maize (Corn) Mills
2.6. Rye Flour Mills
2.7. Rice Flour Mills
2.8. Sorghum Flour Mills
2.9. Color Sorting

3. Upgrading of Existing Plants

3.1. Diagram Redesigning
3.2. System Diagnosys
3.3. Existing Plants Redesigning
3.4. Energy Saving Design and Optimization

4. Engineering for Conveying Systems

4.1. Mechanical Conveying Systems
4.2. Pneumatic Conveying Systems
4.2.1. In Vacuum Dilute Phase
4.2.2. In overpressure

5. Engineering for Aspiration Systems

5.1. Cereals Silos Aspiration Systems
5.2. Processing Lines Aspiration Systems
5.3. Finished Products Silos Aspiration Systems
5.4. Special Design Aspiration System

6. Special Projects:

6.1. Compact Flour Mill for Wheat
6.2. Compact Maize (Corn) Mill
6.2. Compact Flour Mill for Rye
6.3. Compact Combined Flour Mill for Wheat and Rye
6.4. Compact Flour Mill for Sorghum